needle 'n' thread services

We are a trusted embroider based in Wolverhampton in the West Midlands. We embroider hundreds of logos a day and pride ourselves on the quality of service that we deliver for each and every customer. Discover the services we offer below.


Industrial embroidery is a process of creating designs on textiles using specialised machines that we use. The embroidery machines use multiple needles and thread to create patterns and designs on a wide range of materials. We would recommend embroidery to any customer wanting a clean, professional logo on their garments. We embroider logos from as little as 1,000 stitches to as big as 50,000 stitches. We also can offer 3D embroidery. 3D embroidery is a technique in which three- dimensional elements are added to a flat embroidery design to create a more realistic and dynamic image. It makes the embroidery appear to pop out of the fabric. This technique is most used for logo designs on caps. We can embroider on a big variety of other products too such as, t-shirts, hoodies, polos, jackets, bags and many more. We have massive collection of thread colours ready to match to the colour of your logo down to the exact pantone shade.

Logo design & set-up

We offer in house digitising and logo design. In order for us to embroider or print your logo it must be digitalised using specialist computer programs to get the best quality embroidery and printing. It’s all in the digitalising. We do ask for specific file types of your logo when processing the order to enable us to set up your logo.  Need lettering or a text logo created? We are here to help; we can create minimalist text logos for yourself if you haven’t got one already.

- vinyl, screen print & full colour printing

There are a couple of printing techniques we offer: vinyl printing and screen printing. Vinyl printing is a method of creating custom graphics and text on a variety of materials using a vinyl cutter and heat press. The process involves creating a digital design, cutting it out of a sheet of vinyl using a specialised cutting machines, and then applying the cut to the desired surface using heat and pressure. Vinyl printing is a popular choice for creating durable and long- lasting custom graphics.

Full colour printing is another service we offer which is a technique that prints out your design and then cuts around the full design which is then applied to the chosen surface with heat and pressure. Screen Printing is a method of printing in which ink is forced through a stencil or mesh onto substrate.

Contract work available

We offer contract work to whoever it caters too. Whether it a big or small business in need of the supply. If it is it something you are looking for get in touch and enquire about it today! When you call us to discuss your work, our experts will be able to advise exactly when we’ll be able to complete the work and they’ll help you get the most for your money.


Embroidered badges are decorative embellishments that are made by embroidering thread onto a piece of fabric or other material. The embroidery creates a design or image that can be sewn or attached to clothing, bags, hats or other items. We can produce different sizes and shapes with different thread colours and fabrics. Enquire today!

individual bagging, packing & steaming garments

We also provide post-production services to ensure your garments are ready to go! We offer individual bagging of garments, man-packing and we even steam your logos at an additional cost. Man packing consists of bagging together garments specifically for each individual who requires the variety of garments.

"Been using this company for a few years now. Just about to order more work wear. 100% happy with the service they provide."

mick scriven

"Top quality Golf Towels, pleasure to do business with constant communication and delivered exactly what was required for my charity golf day. Would highly recommend."

dave brayshaw

"Order turned up today well chuffed With clothing Will definitely recommend and using again. Thanks, guys spot on."

james francis

"Wonderful service from Ash who turned an order round very quickly. Highly recommend! 5* service. Thanks!."

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